Our service to you: balancing art and style with engineering and technology.

SABDES Yacht Design provide their clients fully customised services to suit their exacting needs. This begins by engaging with and understanding what the client wants. We perform the early sketching, profile development, technical, exterior styling, arrangements, ergonomics, and detail design. Once a concept direction is chosen we begin turning our ideas into accurate three-dimensional CAD models showing all aspects of the exterior and arrangement of the vessel. We integrate together with the shipyard Naval Architects and our clients Interior Designer.

SABDES is active in the development of all sizes of Yachts, sail or power; Luxury boats and Yachts 12m to 24m (40'-80'), Large yachts and Superyachts 24m-50m (80'-165') and Superyachts to Megayachts 50m - 200m (165'-656'). Our Principal Designer, Scott Blee, has had an active and eclectic Ship and Yacht design background spanning 28 years including working on Yachts, fast commercial vessels, and large naval ship designs, and understands the intimacies in working the proportions and scale of any size of vessel.  

SABDES are passionate about Yacht design and also for the environment and our health. We are constantly researching into new technologies that reduce the usage of fossil fuels, and are pro-active in developing designs that are efficient and will minimise their impact on the planet.  

Our clients are treated with the strictest confidentiality, for this reason not all of our latest projects are shown on our website.